Lighting Design

Language of truth lights up the darkness and reveals the path to perfection and thus we endeavor, exercise and execute.
Our approach is holistic, to personify the character of the space to bring about harmony, creating an expression and experience, using light to seamlessly connect with the architectural design incorporating a balance of light and shadow, blend of contrast and color, creating an aura of attraction and awe.


To Begin anew a virgin space yet untouched by the glow of lights, or in areas spoiled for want of attention,or some having being unnecessary overdone,we have the experience and the expertise to offer the best solutions and recommendations covering......


We at CDS, want to ensure that precision is implemented while carrying out the works,and therefore provide the option to undertake the installation of the products supplied by us,or to provide specific supervision/support

We carry out site audits of lighting installations,when requested by the end user.

We conduct an unbiased survey and furnish our suggestions,illumination levels, CCT,Placement/Location,suitability are some of the parameters we review.